Arrive and meet the group

Arrive in your city at any time on Day 1. We’ll show you around, introduce you to your fellow travelers, and then gather in the evening for our first social. This is your opportunity to take a deep breathe, settle into the space, and prepare for a week of unplugged adventure. 

Choose how you want to unplug

Together, we’ll set our intentions for the week and tuck our phones away. How you participate in Off The Grid is up to you. You get to choose your own adventure: 

  • Easy Mode – Check your phone at a designated time each day
  • Hard Mode – Check your phone up to 3 times during the trip
  • I’m All In– No phone or internet for the duration of the trip

Get your gear

We’ll equip you with everything you need to have an amazing phone-free trip. Our guides will set you up with a burner phone (pre-loaded with group + emergency numbers), travel journal, analog watch, and maps of the city. We’ll also have a list of our favorite nearby spots and side excursions. And yes, you can bring your camera!

Enjoy local excursions and social events

Instead of “acquiring” as many sights as possible, we hand pick thoughtful local experiences for every Off The Grid trip. You can relax and know that the entire itinerary is designed to be mindful, social, and intentional. It’s the healthiest and most enjoyable way to travel. 

Venture out on your own

True mindful travel involves building space into an itinerary. We believe in “under-scheduling” every trip so you have plenty of time to explore solo or with your new friends. This allows you to write, read, stroll, socialize, or reflect on your experiences. 

Exchange info and say farewell 

You made it. Exchange contact info, share photos, and make plans for your next trip. Take one last trip to your favorite cafe or stroll to the beach for a final goodbye. Pat yourself on the back for embracing a new city and soaking up every moment.  

Bring it all home

When you decide to fully unplug on a vacation, you’ll return home with clean slate to re-prioritize your digital life. You’ll be happier, you’ll feel healthier, and your brain will thank you. You can bring back everything you learned and leave the rest behind. 


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