Discover Tam Thanh – Vietnam’s Hidden Mural Village

2 years ago Tam Thanh was just like any other seaside village. Nearby Hoi An overflowed with tourists and the economy in there boomed, Tam Thanh remained quiet and poor day by day. But now, thanks to a Vietnamese-Korean collaboration project, this once sleepy fishing village has transformed into a full-fledged tourist destination.

Tam Thanh mural village in Hoi An

About Tam Thanh

Tam Thanh comprises 20 or 30 very close families. They’ve lived by fishing for generations and upon the economic growth, they partly missed out on the transformation taking place in Saigon, Hanoi, or nearby Hoi An. The houses here are clustered tightly together and provide an ambling sort of canvas.

The imagery

The murals portray the family, nature, and culture that infuses this village with youthful energy. Their vivid colours now go from home to home all along the narrow streets. The colourful alleyways entice travellers to wander deeper into this wonderful strange new world.

Tam Thanh traditional career is aquaculture

The social impact

Tourism has flourished and on some days more than 1,000 visitors flock to the striking canvasses of Tam Thanh. The success of the initiative has also spread conversation across Vietnam about the power of art and how it can and should be harnessed for good, no matter of one’s socioeconomic status.

Tam Thanh is one of the best tourist destinations in the central of Vietnam

The murals of Tam Thanh have brought such a surge of interest that a community tourism project has been launched. They will open a communal arts village and a nearly two-mile seaside walkway decorated with colourful Vietnamese coracles soon. For those looking to stay the night, home-stays open up.

Tam Thanh beach resort has high-quality services for guests


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