Best Swimming Pool To Escape The Heat In Saigon

Swimming has been called the perfect exercise. It isn’t just good exercise for the body, it’s also calming and restorative for the mind. Especially in this hot weather, what is more than soaking in the swimming pool if you are looking to escape the heat and clamour of the city.

Even though rivers and canals snake their way through Ho Chi Minh City, you definitely don’t want to swim in those murky waters. They’re basically plumbing extensions for millions of toilets. Vietnam boasts some impressive coastline as well, but do you really want to drive a couple hours every time you want to swim? Neither do we, so here are the best pools in Ho Chi Minh City.


Van Thanh Pool

Lurking down a small road off of Dien Bien Phu, a main artery out of the downtown, this pool is hidden in a small oasis. You go from horrendous traffic to a park full of trees and flowers in just seconds. The pool is open to the public from 6am to 8pm, with plenty of lounge chairs. Some people swim laps in the deep end, but this pool is more suited for relaxing.

Price: 60,000 VND (2.59 USD) weekdays, 70,000 VND (3.02 USD) weekends

Address: 48/10 Dien Bien Phu Street, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh city

Tel: 028 3512 3026

Rach Mieu Swimming Pool

Located on the rooftop of a big sports complex, the excellent pool at Rach Mieu is in the open air and very big. There’s an Olympic-sized 50 metre pool and a 25 metre shallow pool for kids. There are several lanes for lap swimming in the main pool and a separate lane for women. From the pool, there are views over the Thi Nghe Channel and downtown Saigon, but there isn’t really anywhere to sit down and relax.

Note: the pool is closed all day Monday.

Price: 20,000 VND (0.86 USD)

Address: 1 Hoa Phuong Street, Ward 2, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh city

Tel: 028 3517 3631

Yet Kieu Swimming Pool

If you are looking to swim laps, this is the pool for you. They have two pools: one 25m and one 50m. Their opening times are fairly complicated, so make sure you understand them before you go.

Price: 20,000 VND (0.86 USD)

Address: 1 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh city

Tel: 028 3829 6917

Lam Son Swimming Pool

This one is a bit difficult to find, but if you ask around when you’re in the area, somebody will point you in the right direction. The facilities aren’t great, but it’s cheap and clean. It features a 50m Olympic-sized pool with lanes for doing laps, which is about all you should expect to do here.

This is a great choice for anyone looking to put in a casual workout, because it’s usually quiet. A couple of oddities to keep in mind, though: They don’t allow loose beach shorts for men, and they’re closed on Mondays.

Price: 25,000 VND (1.08 USD)

Address: 242 Tran Binh Trong Street, District 5, Ho Chi Minh city

Tel: 028 3835 8028

Dai Dong Swimming Pool

Here’s another excellent choice for those of you who like to swim laps. This pool has plenty of lanes, and at just 18,000 VND (0.75 USD), the price is right as well. Men, bring your Speedos — no swimming trunks allowed. Also, women can’t wear white bikinis.

Price: 18,000 VND (0.78 USD)

Address: 25A No Trang Long Street, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh city

Tel:  028 3841 2630

Lan Anh Club Pool

The Lan Anh Pool is a popular spot among expats looking to escape the heat. They have plenty of space and lounge chairs around the pool, and there’s also a bar and restaurant. It’s not as nice as the Van Thanh Swimming Pool, but if you’re in the area and don’t really feel like driving across the city, then this is a fine choice.

Price: 45,000 VND (1.94 USD)

Address: 291 Cach Mang Thang 8 Street, Ward 12, District 10, Ho Chi Minh city

Tel: 08 3862 7420

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