Best Live Music Venues in Sai Gon

As the city that never sleeps, Saigon is home to such a diverse number of top music venues and amazing live bands. Check out these best venues in Ho Chi Minh City providing space for talented musicians to strut their stuff.

1. Yoko Cafe

If you’re looking for a place that has both good music and a chill atmosphere, nowhere is better than Yoko Cafe. They have live bands playing every night of the week, featuring rock, jazz and pop. This cafe is popular with both locals and ex-pats alike because it’s a cool place to be, and if you’ve got some musical talent, the band might even let you join them on stage.

Address: 22 Nguyễn Thị Diệu, District 3

Tel: +84 28 3933 0577

2. Carmen Bar

Carmen Bar’s live performance

The entrance to this bar is one of the strongest you’ll ever pass through. It’s a tiny hobbit door, made of aged stone and bricks. It feels like a portal, which is fitting because once you get inside, you will feel like being lost in a Spanish club. The band plays flamenco and up-tempo versions of popular songs which surely get you out of your seat and dancing.

Address: 8 Lý Tự Trọng, District 1 

Tel: +84 90 361 85 77

3. Hard Rock Cafe

Hard Rock Cafe Saigon

This is a familiar venue for most—the memorabilia, the heaping portions of food and a large assortment of collectables to show off your travels. For live music, the Hard Rock Cafe is one of your best options in the city. The bands play an assortment of modern rock and classics.

Address: 39 Le Duan, District 1 

Tel: +84 28 6291 7595

4. Indika Saigon

Indika Saigon – an eatery and speakeasy bar

Indika Saigon is probably the hippest addition to this city’s music scene, which is why it’s a popular place for artists and musicians. They have a wide variety of bands that play there—reggae, funk, rock, jazz, and other types. The place has a really chill vibe, so you can relax and let your hair down with good music.

Address: 43 Nguyễn Văn Giai, Đa Kao 

Tel: +84 165 658 1648

5. Sax N’ Art Jazz Club

Sax N’ Art Jazz Club – the countryside style

It’s just a fact that Saxophones make everything better. At the Sax N’ Art Jazz Club, you can enjoy modern jazz, traditional Vietnamese songs and American classics in a cool space awash with neon hues. If jazz isn’t normally your kind of music, this place will change your mind and your tastes.

Address: 28 Le Loi, District 1 

Tel: +84 28 3822 8472

6. Overture Cafe

Overture nightlife music

For your dose of professionally trained musicians, wine and cigars, Overture is where to go. They feature music graduates and concert singers, with special shows on Saturday and Sunday. The venue is classy and so are the clientele, so you’ll feel right at home if you have impeccable tastes.

Address: 109 Trần Quốc Toản, District 3 

Tel: +84 28 7307 8888

7. Acoustic Bar

An event at Acoustic Bar

This popular spot has live music starting every night at 9 pm, except Sunday. The music usually combines modern and classic rock, with other genres mixed in from time to time. The crowd is hip, the vibes are positive and the staff is friendly, so you really should check it out.

Address: 6E1 Ngô Thời Nhiệm, District 3 

Tel: +84 127 677 7773


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