10 Best Tattoo Parlours Suggested in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

In the past, having a tattoo was a hallmark of criminals in Vietnam. In a traditionally conservative opinion of body art, the old generation warned their child to stay away with a tattoo. However, younger people seem to be embracing the art form and tattoo culture is thriving. Commercial tattoo parlours began to open in Ho Chi Minh City in the mid-90s and today there are hundreds of places to choose. Here are the best tattoo parlours in Ho Chi Minh City that we offer.


1. Butterfly tattoo

Recycle Tattoo in Phu Nhuan Saigon

Recycle Tattoo studio is so-named due to owner Hieu Chi’s struggles with Vietnam’s tattoo stigma and his subsequent mission to “recycle” himself. He has achieved just that, creating one of Ho Chi Minh City’s most successful tattoo parlours. Known for its exquisite artistry and commitment to quality, Recycle Tattoo delivers a safe and comfortable experience to its customers. Unlike other tattoo shops, Recycle’s industrial-chic studio is not primarily decorated with samples of its work, but rather with nostalgic trinkets and paintings from local artists, giving the place a stylish and creative vibe. Located in Phu Nhuan District, Recycle is an excellent choice for your next tattoo.

2. Exile Ink

Exile Ink Tattoo in Thao Dien District 2 HCMC

Owned and run by British ex-pats in the trendy Thao Dien neighbourhood, Exile Ink is a popular choice for Ho Chi Minh City’s tattoo aficionados. This parlour prides itself on adhering to European health and safety standards, which many customers are likely to find reassuring. Exile’s friendly and welcoming atmosphere has no doubt contributed to its success, and there is now a second location on Phu Quoc island.

3. Saigon Ink

Saigon Ink by Danis Nguyen

Saigon Ink was one of the first tattoo studios to open its doors in Ho Chi Minh City and has become a firm favourite amongst local ink lovers. Owner and founder Danis Nguyen is a pioneer of tattoo art in Vietnam and is widely regarded as one of the country’s best artists, boasting a handful of international awards. Nguyen heads a nine-strong team of tattooists, each with their own stylistic speciality – meaning that Saigon Ink is an excellent choice of parlour no matter what kind of tattoo you have in mind.

4. A portrait tattoo by Boe Toee

The most invested tattoo salon in Saigon

Saigon Tattoo Club has earned a reputation as one of Ho Chi Minh City’s premier tattoo parlours. Founder Bo Toee is Vietnam’s only member of the Cheyenne Tattoo team – a surefire stamp of quality in the tattoo world. Bo has also attracted international attention with his performances at tattoo exhibitions. In addition to their extraordinary art, Saigon Tattoo Club places great emphasis on safety and customer care – so you know that you’re in safe hands.

5. Tattoo

Spade Tattoo Saigon in District 1

Spade Art Tattoo Studio takes a deeply personal approach to its artwork. Rather than operating as a production line, the artists at Spade want to get to know their clients before they make permanent alterations in their body. Spade’s tattooists believe that tattoos are more than transient fashion items and so they help customers create meaningful, timeless art that means so much more than ink and needles.

6. Tattoo artist 

Tri Tam Quoc – the pioneer in the tattoo art creation

Tam Quoc Tattoo is owned by a team of four brothers whose work is inspired by traditional Southeast Asian art. Their extraordinary and colourful works have attracted several Vietnamese celebrity clients. Full-body tattoos are Tam Quoc’s forte, although their delightful smaller pieces are equally eye-catching. It’s a better idea to book in advance, as this parlour is becoming incredibly popular.

7. Arm tattoo

The famous tattooist for Vietnamese celebs

You’d be forgiven for thinking that a tattoo shop on a backpacker strip might be one to avoid, but Bob Tattoo is home to some of the most talented tattooists in the city. The parlour specialises in black and grey portraiture and import all of their ink and equipment from the UK and USA. Bob Tattoo is also able to provide sound wave tattoos that can be read and played back using a smartphone app. It’s open 24 hours a day, although midnight tattoos are done at your own discretion.

8. A sleeve tattoo by Monster Ink

Monster Ink in District 3 HCMC

Monster Ink has just one tattoo artist, Tuyen Nguyen, who specialises in beautiful floral tattoos, watercolour pieces and geometric designs. His gorgeous colourful flowers have earned Monster Ink a stellar reputation as one of Ho Chi Minh City’s top tattoo parlours. Nestled down a small alleyway in District 3, the parlour is a little bit tricky to find but it’s well worth the effort.

9. Tattooing 

Trung Tadashi Artist

Tattoo Tadashi’s eponymous owner, Trung Tadashi, is one of Vietnam’s master tattoo artists. An incredibly skilled freehand artist, Tadashi specialises in Japanese-style tattoos, having spent five years perfecting his art there. After returning to Ho Chi Minh City, he set up shop in 2007 and his team of five accomplished artists have been working hard to decorate the inhabitants of Saigon with their incredible handiwork ever since. Tattoo Tadashi exhibits an ethos of passion and care, determined to provide extraordinary tattoos for customers.

10. Viên Tattoo Studio

Vien Tattoo Studio by Duyet Phan

Especially popular amongst the blossoming generation of Vietnamese tattoo fans, Viên Tattoo Studio keeps it simple with its black tattoos. Artist Duyet Phan creates fun, cartoon-style body art at reasonable prices. If you’re looking for a cute tattoo by a talented local artist, look no further than Viên Tattoo Studio.


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