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The Vietnamese dong

A Traveler’s Guide to Vietnamese Currency

Since 1978, the Dong (VND, đ) has been the Vietnamese Currency, coming in notes with multiple zeros. Getting a grip on all those digits...
Banana Club

Top 5 Nha Trang’s Best Nightclubs

Nha Trang is not only famous for beautiful natural scenery but also for its various kinds of entertaining activities. There are many...
Nha Trang Center

Exploring Popular Nha Trang ‘s Shopping Malls

Nha Trang is a tourism city that attracts a great number of travelers and expats every year beside Ho Chi Minh City,...

5 Best Apps for Vietnam Travel: Easy & Convenient

We’re lucky to live in a technology era when almost everyone has a smartphone and access easily to high-speed internet. If you are digital-savvy...

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