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Best Live Music Venues in Sai Gon

As the city that never sleeps, Saigon is home to such a diverse number of top music venues and amazing live bands. Check out...

6 Fabulous Films Shot in Ho Chi Minh City

Many of the movies we watch were set in the studios and strategic locations that are often nowhere near to where the story is...

Discover Ho Chi Minh City Famous Statues and Sculptures

Just look at a country’s public artwork, you can see multitudes about the nation, like the way Ho Chi Minh City‘s statues and sculptures...

Top 10 Contemporary Vietnamese Artists

Vietnamese art has a rich history and it is growing into a vibrant and diverse network. Nowadays, Vietnamese artists are also increasingly exhibiting abroad...
Bánh mì 37 Nguyễn Trãi

The 10 Best Banh Mi Saigon you need to try

The bánh mì sandwich is one of Vietnam’s greatest culinary exports, and no place does it better than its home town of...

Best Beaches Near Ho Chi Minh City

Vietnam is a beautiful country with many beautiful beaches alongside of it. If you are a travellers staying in Saigon, which are the best beaches near Ho Chi Minh city for you to explore?

The Rapid Modernisation of Post-War Hanoi through Photos

William E. Crawford is one of the first Western photographers to travel in post-war Hanoi in 1985. He began documenting the transformation of Vietnam’s...
The Vietnamese dong

A Traveler’s Guide to Vietnamese Currency

Since 1978, the Dong (VND, đ) has been the Vietnamese Currency, coming in notes with multiple zeros. Getting a grip on all those digits...
Mountain Retreat view

Top 10 delicious Restaurant in Ho Chi Minh city

Sai Gon is one of the most famous cities in Southeast Asia which is well known for not only many historical monuments...
The Coffee Ship

The 8 Best Coffee in Saigon, Ho Chi Minh city

From plastic stools on crumbling sidewalks to lavish spaces filled with creative decor and stunning art, the cafe culture in Ho Chi Minh City has it all. No matter your budget, there’s a place to get your caffeine fix. But we’re here for the best — so here they are.

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